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The Food Liberation Project

Prison food is notorious and used a form of punishment. The Food Liberation Project sends food to people in prisons that promotes their health and well-being.

The prison institution uses food as a tool of dehumanization and control by serving meals that few people would eat if they had the choice. This forces people behind bars to rely on food they buy with their own commissary funds. Giving people inside access to free produce is a necessary step towards undoing the effects of modern slavery on the health of communities oppressed by capitalism and white supremacy. Substandard prison food is an extension of the state’s control over who has the ability to acquire healthy food and who doesn’t, the state being an institution that controls the production and allocation of health as a commodity. White and affluent health and well-being are produced at the expense of poor, black and brown people, through incarceration, inadequate health services, and substandard food.

This project is dedicated to fostering autonomy and providing support to people in New York State correctional facilities by sending them fresh fruits, vegetables, and food grown by Brooklyn gardeners.