Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Aug 2018

National Phone Blast Against Prison Repression

National Phone Blast Against Prison Repression
“Please participate in this phone blast against repression and inhumane conditions inside prison facilities. Today, Wednesday, August 29th 2pm Est call all of the facilities listed below. BE SURE TO PRESS *67 BEFORE YOU DIAL EACH NUMBER. Also please share widely!”

Please participate in this phone blast against repression and inhumane conditions inside prison facilities. Today, Wednesday, August 29th 2pm Est call all of the facilities listed below. *BE SURE TO PRESS 67 BEFORE YOU DIAL EACH NUMBER. Also please share widely!

We will be making calls about three situations which are listed below:

Keith Malik Washington is a politicized prisoner in Texas who is facing horrendous repression. As an outspoken and courageous voice for human dignity he has been recently targeted with harassment and mistreatment in new and cruel ways. In the new facility his cell regularly rises to 115 degrees, his mail is being destroyed, and he has to endure new heightened levels of surveillance constantly. Keith wants us to support him and make calls to voice his grievances!

In New Mexico, all eleven prison facilities in the state were placed on lockdown since August 20th. Comrades in New Mexico are calling for a call in campaign to make it clear that this is unacceptable! There remain three facilities who are either still on lockdown or who’s guards are uncooperative. Please call in to voice displeasure

NY state prisoners are facing terrible conditions and want their grievances heard. They have requested support from people outside. They have had enough and would like people to voice their concerns since they are being silenced.


For Keith Malik Washington

Hello, my name is —-, and I am contacting you about conditions in the prisons run by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

I demand that the dangerous conditions of extreme heat and humidity that are widespread in units such as the McConnell and Telford Units are rectified immediately. I further request that immediate heat relief measures are put in place, as this is especially urgent for prisoners with health issues.

The prison administration needs to stop the retaliation and harassment of whistleblowers such as Keith Washington (TDCJ 1487958) and Jason Walker (TDCJ 1532092). This retaliation includes, but is not limited to, unjustified use of solitary confinement as a punishment for constitutionally protected speech, denial of parole applications, and direct threats of harm. Please be aware that the State of Texas and the TDCJ may be held legally responsible for any harm suffered by these or any other inmates as a result of the administration’s negligence or punitive actions.

The practice of giving guards quotas of disciplinary reports to meet must also be stopped at once, as this leads to the generation of false or trivial reports as a way of meeting quotas.

In closing, I also wish to state my support for the demands of the ongoing prison strike movement.

Yours sincerely,

Number to call:

Bryan Collier

Executive Director

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

(512) 463-9988 and/or (936) 295-6371

New Mexico Facilities

Hello, my name is ___ (whatever you prefer).

I am calling to demand an immediate end to the statewide lockdown throughout the New Mexican prison system. It is obvious that the current lockdown was not imposed in order to conduct a security sweep. Anyone with any sense could recognize that this is a blatant lie that was carelessly fabricated by the New Mexico Corrections Department. Instead, the prisoners were preemptively punished for the nationwide prison strike.

Once again, I insist that you put an end to the lockdown without delay. Moreover, I stand in solidarity with the prisoners striking across the country and urge you to consent to their demands.


Numbers to call:

  1. Guadalupe County Correctional Facility - 575 472 1001
  2. Lea County Correctional Facility - 575 392 4055
  3. Otero County Prison Facility - 575 824 4884

Greene Correctional Facility – NYS

Hello, I am contacting you because I am concerned about numerous human rights abuses in your facility.

We have been informed that there is a lack of medical care, educational opportunities and work options for inmates. We have also been informed that there is an epidemic of institutionalized violence towards inmates by staff, most concerning is known violence towards elderly, teenaged and mentally ill inmates. We are also aware of a retaliation make use of NYSDOCC inmate grievance procedures.

In the context of the national prison strike, and upsurge in media attention abuses by the prison system in general and individual prisons specifically, we are calling to tell you the abuses need to be stopped at once.

Thank You.

Number to call:

Greene Correctional Facility

(518) 731-2741