Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Dec 2018

Elm City RAM Fundraising in Support of Victims of Police Execution

Elm City RAM Fundraising in Support of Victims of Police Execution
“Two young people, who witnessed the police execute their friends, are being held on trumped up charges and exorbitant bail to silence them. Help them fight back!”

Two young men, who experienced the murder of their friend at the hands of police, are in of need legal funds. They have been held by the state for 12 months, and are being silenced to protect the state-sanctioned violence that took their friend’s life.

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In December 2017, three young men were terrorized by police in New Britain, Connecticut. The men were driving in New Britain and as they turned onto a side street, they were immediately surrounded by police vehicles. One vehicle rammed the young men’s car, spinning it around. When the driver tried to drive away after his car was rammed, the officers opened fire. Five officers, including two detectives, shot into the car and at the victims. The driver of the vehicle was killed.

When the car stopped, the front seat passenger, a 15-year-old boy, raised his hands in surrender and yelled out the window (which had been shattered by bullets): “You can stop shooting now. He’s dead”. At that time, the officers opened fire again, hitting the front seat passenger two times, once in the leg and once in the hip. The backseat passenger was grazed by several bullets which left burn scars on his body

The police initially reported the event as a “car chase” and said they feared for their lives when they opened fire. Both the accounts of the two victims and the dash cam footage (which has not yet been released to the public but which one of the victim’s parents has seen) are in direct conflict with the police narrative. In addition to this, there were several different and inconsistent police narratives as the story developed.

Both passengers survived and are currently incarcerated for related and unrelated charges, with exorbitantly high bails set far above what the alleged crimes merit. The high bail has precluded the two young men from being bonded out for the last 12 months. One victim turned 16 in prison and the other 19. The older victim is in solitary confinement for 23 hours of each day and both young men have reported mistreatment. Over the last year, the state has continued to file new charges against both young men.

We believe the unprecedentedly high bail, the treatment both young men have been subjected to in prison, and the continued accumulation of charges, are all indicative of the state’s effort to silence, demoralize, and invalidate two witnesses to police murder. We believe the state is seeking to first suppress both eye witness accounts of the night in question by continuing to hold the witnesses in prison, and second, to invalidate the young mens’ account of the night by criminalizing them.

In order to fight this state-sanctioned violence and continued oppression, the victims are in need of strong legal representation.

We are raising money to help their families secure and maintain sufficient legal counsel. We are also hoping to raise enough money to support the families in bonding their sons out. Both young men need to be out of the state’s grasp, safely home where they can begin to heal from the trauma that has so irrevocably altered their lives. Please join us in supporting the families of these young men in their pursuit of justice.

If we are able to raise the full amount required for both victims’ bail through this crowdfunding effort and others, the money raised will go back into a liberation fund to support other victims of state oppression who do not have financial resources and whom other bail funds are unable to help.

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