Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Jul 2019

Call to Action Against the Turkish Invasion


Turkey is once again threatening the self-determination of the people of Rojava. As is the tradition of the Turkish State, Erdogan is vying to move his genocidal military and mercenary collaborators across the border in order to proliferate the Turkish nationalist project. The world has since witnessed the brutal atrocities that have been and continue to be carried out in Afrin where the Turkish military and TFSA thugs occupy a once peaceful area. Those in Afrin who chose not to flee have been subject to: arbitrary executions, kidnappings, systematic rape, and torture at the hands of their occupiers. We cannot allow another Afrin to happen. It is essential that we stand in direct material solidarity with the people of Rojava and their struggle for survival against such an adamantly hostile power to the north.

It is not enough to simply voice our support. We must act! While the TFSA mercenaries alone are not a well developed fighting force, the support from Turkish heavy weapons and air force in particular gives them an overwhelming advantage. Instead of going to Turkish embassies or other government institutions, we call on people to move on the companies that supply the drones, fighter jets, bombers and helicopters to the Turkish military. These companies are disproportionately American. The Predator drone in manufactured by General Atomics, the f-16 fighter is made by General Dynamics, some bombers are created by Boeing and many of their helicopters are supplied by Sikorsky.

In solidarity with Tekoşîna Anarşîst (Anarchist Struggle)! In solidarity with YPG/J, QSD and all forces fighting the Turkish invasion!

Long live the people’s resistance!